Basketball Training


Private 1 on 1 training is offered by Mentally Fit and is a great way to increase our clients development in the areas of basketball skills (i.e. shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and overall fill of the game) which is vital to our clients success. During these 1 on 1 session client are put through an intense workout geared to maintaining strengths and improving weaknesses. Workouts are created not only to be performed during these hour long 1on1 session but to also be practiced at home for best results. Players progress will be documented and reviewed by staff to ensure continual development.

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Semi Private F.I.R.E (60 MINUTES) 7 AND UP

Semi private lessons consist of 2-8 players. They provide a great way to introduce players to and intense workout geared towards creating the foundation of basketball fundamentals in a group setting. In addition to skills offered in private lessons players learn the importance of communication, peer interaction, teamwork and competition. Our clients are paired with players of similar skills and abilities. Semi private lesson are a great way to share cost, learn with a peer or sibling which can make practice more enjoyable. Semi-Private Lessons are a great way to get started but the time will come when students will benefit more from private lessons to improve their individual technique.

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Both methods of training are valuable to the developing player, but success is ultimately determined by player!

Mentally Fit F.I.R.E. clinic WORKOUTS

Provides a great way to increase basketball fundamental and life skills to youth of all ages, genders, and abilities. Mentally Fit F.I.R.E. WORKOUTS operate year round and provides a great opportunity to learn the value of leadership, teamwork, in a fun and safe environment. Instruction is given by qualified staff eager to share their basketball experiences with the youth of our community. Mentally Fit aims to develop youth through basketball training, promoting our participants to become productive students in their community, schools and home environments.

F.I.R.E. WORKOUTS 5 hour of monthly training

FOCUS Players are encouraged to engage 100% on the task at hand, rather in school or during game. Players will focus on the fundamentals of basketball:

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Spacing
  • Positioning
  • IDENTIFY – under the direction of our staff players will be introduced to scenarios that allow them to increase their ability to identify game intense scenarios:

  • Double teams
  • Traps
  • Opposition dominant hand
  • Good shot/bad shot
  • Time/Score
  • REACT – the ability to react is an extremely important step in F.I.R.E, after identifying the situation you must be able to react appropriately:

  • Pass
  • Change direction
  • Retreat Dribble
  • Shot
  • EXECUTE – Execution does not always provide the desired results, however execution places you in the best opportunity to succeed. Players will be placed in situations which encourage an increased level of execution, an ability to carry out what they learned:

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Spacing
  • Positioning
  • Game intense Scenarios
  • Let Mentally Fit Train your Team

  • Drills designed to execute your Game Plan
  • Workouts intense and competitive
  • You must dominate your team before you can dominate your opponent!

    Summer Camps

    Summer Camps Available: Ages 6-14!!!
    Participants will learn the fundamentals of the game by experienced coaches with a passion for teaching.
    We welcome Girls and Boys of all skill levels

    Program Design

    (Let’s Get Fit together) Can’t make the workouts train with Mentally Fit through a customized program. Progress is monitored by staff, goals are obtained by you!

    Program Design

  • Afterschool
  • Mental Health
  • Juvenile Hall
  • Placements